Welcome to Mokaki Lounge

Mokaki is a group of aging activist musicians and poets who gather every Sunday or more sporadically to give outlet to a variety of musical and mindful energies. Listen to some collections of our works to the right.


peter chamberlain

Luau Lolo

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Winter in Parrot Eyes

Recorded in 2006, spoken word by Imaikalani Kalahele
winter in parrot eyes
  1. Parrot Eyes
  2. Hui Kao
  3. Sleepwalk
  4. Aloha
  5. Sovrinti
  6. Lookin 4 a Time
  7. Waters of Kane
  8. Why Cry

War End Peace

Recorded in 2003
war end peace
  1. Paradise
  2. Dazed n Confused
  3. Amelika
  4. Subjex Half Step
  5. Now
  6. Iland Disapere
  7. Revenge
  8. Rise Up